HealthEquity | UX Design

I was brought on to primarily to help with the employer portal. It was an application built for employers to add new employees or make updates to their HSA/FSA benefits. It had been neglected and was the primary pain point for most employers trying to do their daying tasks. I needed to stick with the theme and style used across the member application but give enough distinction to tell the two apart. I chose to do a business look for the employers but stick with the same button and header layout, which was utilizing interactions they were used to.

I also worked with the mobile development team to create a better experience based on the data received from Google Analytics as well as usability testing. I gave the users the tools they needed to complete tasks they were already trying to do on a regular basis. I also brought the application up to the iOS Guidelines standards.

Lastly, I took on an important task of informing the user of an important legal change. I really wanted to capture the importance of the message and get that to the user as quickly as possible, knowing that most users skip or skim legal documents on their devices, but still allow the user to read through all of the document. This was a mightier task than expected to work with legal, product owners, and the business to make sure we had captured all the necessities before rolling out the new changes.