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The user experience does not just start the first time a user logs intp the application, however that may be most of our users, it starts when Safeguard is inquired about via phone or web. We would love to change Dell’s way of selling and talking about Safeguard to create the best experience, however, we took a realistic approach and started fixing the experience when an individual receives the appliance at their door.

We initially were told that the users first form of contact with the product, the getting started poster, was folded and placed inside of a smaller box that the appliance sat on. We then took a prototype to a few different individuals who primarily work in databases to see how they normally received and interacted with a new appliance. To our surprise, we found that the small box of contents and poster were usually thrown aside leaving the user with many questions on how to set the appliance up. We took this data back and put the poster on top of the appliance, being the first thing they got to see after opening the box, and designed the poster based on critical steps and information necessary for the user to get started.