I'm Shawn.

I’ve been designing experiences for over 9 years across a range of industries and devices. My love and attention to accessibility, typography, and creativity have kept me inspired and innovative. I studied graphic design at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City and I am currently employed at Lenovo.

When I am not obsessing about design you can find me drooling over motorcycles, music, photography, fitness, outdoors, gardening and simply working with my hands. Everything from changing a head gasket on my motorcycle to growing a new vegetable in the garden.

Feel free to contact me through email or find me on LinkedIn.

2017 - Present


    • Submitted 4 patents/ideas to Lenovo Patent Board
    • Attended (invitation only) Hack-a-thon Event in China to present new meeting innovation
    • Prototyped and designed a web browser meeting tool for Lenovo’s SMB market
    • Conducted usability tests and designed a new onboarding experience for AirClass, our online training tool
    • Designed AirClass as a Mac and PC desktop application
    • Conducted a “First 24 Hour” report for AirClass, detailing issues from various departments (support, marketing, sales, and product)
    • Collaborated and created a new design library for all of Lenovo Software products

2016 - 2017


    • Conducted product and user research, and designed a new web browser employer portal
    • Worked closely with the customer experience and marketing teams to bridge the gap of our products (biggest concern from customers)
    • Prototyped and designed a new way to review legal documents, based on data and feedback from users
    • Redesigned the iOS HealthEquity application to deliver a more usable and delightful experience

2012 - 2016


    • Led the visual and interaction designs for Safeguard, a desktop and web (responsive) applications
    • Conducted usability tests for product packaging and user interface design
    • Redesigned role assigning to increase awareness and visibility for users
    • Updated XAML code to match colors, margins, and any other specifications
    • Provided assistance for visual designs needed following Quest to Dell acquisition

2011 - 2012

LANDesk Software

    • Created the icons needed for LANDesk Software License Monitoring (SLM)
    • Created the visual designs for LANDesk SmartVue, Portal, and Agent
    • Prototyped and designed SmartVue, an iOS application, for customer administrators using LANDesk Suite
    • Designed the digital assets needed for the various products
    • Researched and designed icon and the metaphors